NCS Annual Jog-A-Thon

Dear NCS family,

On October 21st, 2017, Northwest Christian School unveiled a five-year campus improvement plan that will produce dramatic changes on our campus. Starting with this next school year, these next five years will see changes on the campus that will impact every student across the grade levels. Amidst a series of other improvements, in just the next two years, we will see a new classroom building as well as an innovative new technology commons.

As enthusiastic as I am for these changes and the improvements they will bring to our students’ daily experience, my greatest excitement stems from our ongoing commitment to avoid debt and pay for these improvements with cash. This commitment ultimately means that we can keep our tuition relatively low and affordable while providing the best-valued, Christ-centered academic, arts, and athletic programs available.

Because the school works to avoid debt and is disciplined in operating a “black budget” prior to any fundraising, this means that school fundraisers, like the annual Jog-a-thon, do what they should do: improve the educational experience of the student. In keeping with this commitment, this year, 80% of net funding that comes in through Jog-a-thon will go towards these next two buildings. Because the plans for these buildings have already received final approval from the city, we are already moving forward with building plans. Your support of Jog-a-thon 2018 will make these plans a reality.

Over the last four years, your Jog-a-thon support has positioned us to move campus security forward in compelling ways. We have seen the construction of a fence around the campus perimeter, installation of over 40 video cameras to monitor the campus, and we have committed a full-time Phoenix police officer to watch over the school throughout the day. In short, the annual Jog-a-thon has helped to make certain that our campus is safer and safer with each passing year. Again this year, we will be committing 10% of net funding to this purpose.

As has been the case for the last eight years, we are committing the final 10% of our Jog-a-thon to creating student ministry opportunities to teach and equip our students to be world-changers. Each year, this funding is divided between the grade levels and used so that our students can invest themselves for God’s glory with grade-level specific ministry partners around the state and around the world, on the mission field (places like Mexico, Haiti, and Uganda) and around the city (with nearly 30 different non-profit, Christ-honoring ministry partners).

So, as Jog-a-thon information and blank fliers comes home, we would ask that you prayerfully consider what you can do to support this effort. And again, because the school operates a “black budget” before fundraising, we can confidently assert that your support will directly and completely impact your students and their experience at NCS. If each NCS family completes the designated fliers, we are confident that we’ll see God accomplish even greater things in 2018!

Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
(623) 225-5573 (cell)