Going and Growing

Dear Northwest Christian family and friends,

The end of the calendar year is a time rich with several opportunities.

First, it is only natural that we look back over the year and recognize all that the Lord has done and provided. To that end, writing on behalf of Northwest Christian School, I am thrilled to report that God has been faithful to continue to do great things within our school’s students and their families! For example, in just a few short weeks, the school will be recognized by Ranking Arizona magazine and the Phoenix Business Journal as the “top private school in Arizona”. 2019 marks the seventh consecutive year that we have been honored with these distinctions! In addition, our educational accreditation agency, the Association of Christian Schools International, has recognized Northwest Christian as one of just eleven “Exemplary Accredited” schools in the world. The Arizona Interscholastic Association also recognized Northwest Christian as an “AIA School of Excellence”. All of these accolades are a mere reflection of the hard work being accomplished by our students and faculty both in and out of the classroom. Our students are learning to take the rigorous academic advantages afforded to them at Northwest Christian and apply them to become difference-makers in the world. In that fashion, this year finds each and every Northwest Christian student involved in one or several mission areas: from six different needy schools in the Isaac School District, arguably the poorest district in the state, to mission opportunities throughout the city of Phoenix and as far away as Mexico, the Navajo nation in northern Arizona, Cambodia, and Rwanda. Northwest Christian School exists to train up students to be the change-makers that our hurting world needs right now.

Second, the end of the year represents a moment when many families consider charitable giving opportunities. If your family is one that is blessed to be in that position, I would ask you to first consider giving most generously to the local church where your family is involved. I sincerely believe that this is the highest and best use of your generosity. Beyond that, if God has allowed you to be in a position to give above and beyond, please consider the ongoing “Growing and Going” campaign at Northwest Christian School. Your charitable giving is tax deductible and allows us to keep our school one of the most affordable private education experiences in the state. Specifically, the “Growing and Going” campaign is a multi-year facilities improvement plan with the goal of establishing a campus master plan that is debt-free and sustainable.

Within our facilities improvement efforts, we recently completed a space adjacent to our football field called the “Crusader Legacy Plaza”. Friday nights this past fall found the Crusader Legacy Plaza literally covered with Crusader families and alumni—it is an exciting and dynamic campus space. This year, in celebration and recognition of our school’s generous financial partners, we are imprinting bricks within the plaza with names and messages from the school’s benefactors. For gifts of $250 or more, you can commemorate the names of your students, teachers, or honor other individuals of your choosing. More information on that opportunity accompanies this letter.

Thank you for your support of Northwest Christian School! Looking back over a year in which we have richly and bountifully experienced God’s provision, I know He will continue to do great things through this school in the year ahead!

Geoff Brown
Superintendent, Northwest Christian School
(623) 225-5573 (cell),