XC Program

Northwest Christian Cross Country Summer Mileage Fundraiser

Our Cross Country Program has started its summer training to prepare for the 2021 cross country season at Northwest Christian School.

Not many of our students are willing to get up early all summer and spend hours running in the Arizona heat, but they are committed to running several times a week to prepare for the upcoming season.

Each student has a mileage goal. Would you consider supporting with a specific dollar amount per mile (ex. $0.10 p/mi) to help keep us motivated and to support our team throughout the season.

As a private Christian school, one thing that distinguishes us is our desire to follow Christ and represent Him in all we do,  including our athletic endeavors. We believe that cross country is more than a sport and is an opportunity to grow both physically and spiritually.

Therefore, 10% of whatever we raise will be used to support a local charity decided upon by our team. With the remaining money, we hope to purchase a new pop-up shade to take to meets and some team apparel. If you choose to bless us with your support, please fill in the amount per mile on the form below.

If you choose to donate, each student will send their final summer mileage to you in August along with details on where to send your tax-deductible support.  Thanks for considering this, and for all the support you have shown NCS!