Elementary School

Grades K- 5th

Welcome to Northwest Christian Elementary School!
Northwest Christian School has been providing Christian education for elementary children since 1980. The elementary staff loves children and loves helping them learn. Reading and math are the tracks on which the educational train runs. The Bible is the headlight lighting the way. This program creates an environment of nurture and guidance that will enable every child to experience the love of Jesus. The teachers work to provide a setting where students will regard school as an exciting and safe place to explore, learn, build confidence, and make new friends.

You are cordially invited to visit us. We value partnering with parents and creating positive learning experiences. Please call to set up an appointment to visit NCS. I would be happy to meet with you and discuss any questions you might have about the elementary program.

In His love,

Eric Dowdle, Elementary Principal
JT Barnes, Assistant Principal 1st-8th Grade
  • Pursuing His Purpose
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