High School

Grades 9 - 12

Welcome to Northwest Christian High School!
Our school is rich in tradition and history. Here at NCS, we are committed to providing an education that is Christ-centered, biblically-based, and academically-rigorous to our students. We want our students to be prepared both spiritually and academically to face the challenges of their world.

Our teachers are committed to educating our students to serve Christ, serve each other, and the community. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as principal of NCS. It is a rewarding position because I get to see God molding and challenging students to use their God-given potential to make a difference in our world. As we continue through our school year, I look forward to what God has planned for NCS as we continue to grow deep, lasting roots of faith and perseverance in our students.


Jeff Parsons, High School Principal

NCS Plus

NCS Plus...a part of NCS School a forum to support on-the-ground learning. Every NCS student and every family will enjoy an added dimension within their on-the-ground classrooms: NCS Plus. Although direct instruction within on-the-ground classrooms will not change, NCS Plus will support the "flipped classroom" model of learning wherein students can revisit key concepts presented within the class when away from the classroom.

Please visit the NCS School Choice page or talk to your teacher for more information.
  • Pursuing His Purpose
    Click here to review NCS's 7-Year Guidance Plan towards discovering God's purpose for Your life.