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Build Here, Build There.

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  • Our vision forward for ministry, learning, and fundraising over the next three years.

    The plan encompasses three pillars of mission-fulfillment for the school:

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    Campus improvement and sustainability
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    Technology integration
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    A renewed commitment to Missions Learning

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  • 1. Campus improvements.

    New Elementary Classroom Building. The next campus improvement project that we are moving toward is a new elementary classroom building. This building will be adjacent to the new turf field, provide new playgrounds, and replace the modulars that house elementary classrooms.
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  • 2. Expansion of online learning opportunities.

    In education right now, there is a historic shift that is taking place and it involves the integration of technology–in both on-the-ground classroom settings and in the online education forum. Learn how NCS is navigating this shift in exciting ways!
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  • 3. A revitalized commitment to Missions Learning.

    We are joining arms with four dynamic Missions Learning partners to expand student ministry and learning opportunities:  the Sutton Project within the Isaac School District, the Kids Kingdom Orphanage in Sonora, Hope Centers International in Costa Rica, and the City of Joy in Rwanda, Africa