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  • Our vision forward for ministry, learning, and fundraising over the next three years.

    The plan encompasses three pillars of mission-fulfillment for the school:

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    Campus improvement and sustainability
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    Technology integration
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    A renewed commitment to Missions Learning

Ways to Give

Update 2024

Phase 1

Phase 3

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  • Campus improvements

    Northwest Christian School's refined site plan for our campus as well as a multi-phase building plan is outlined in the phases below.

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  • Phase 1 - A Twelve-Classroom Building

    We will enjoy a ground-breaking ceremony during our annual fundraising dinner and auction on Saturday, February 4th.  We’ll be breaking ground on our first phase:  a twelve-classroom building that will be built adjacent to the kindergarten building, north of the new turf field, and south of the parking lot. These classrooms will house our kindergarten, first grade, and second grade beginning in August 2024.

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  • Phase 2 - Crusader Creation Commons

    Siemens Education has given Northwest Christian School a grant worth $250,000.00, a grant which will provide our students with access to engineering software, learning tools, and tutorials.  This wonderful opportunity comes on the heels of already collecting grants for eSports equipment, a $50K 3-D printer, and a technology “library” that will enable students to “check out” cutting-edge technology in much the same way that you would check out a book at the library!  We believe that we can also see this phase completed by August 2024.

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  • Phase 3 - Indoor Eating / Ancillary Gym

    In parent surveys, this has been the most often-requested addition to our campus:  an indoor cafeteria.  Within phase 3, we will be building a multi-purpose space that will serve as an indoor cafeteria and a second gymnasium.

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  • Expansion of online learning opportunities

    In education right now, there is a historic shift that is taking place and it involves the integration of technology–in both on-the-ground classroom settings and in the online education forum. Learn how NCS is navigating this shift in exciting ways!

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  • A revitalized commitment to Missions Learning

    We are joining arms with five dynamic Missions Learning partners to expand student ministry and learning opportunities:  the Sutton Project within the Isaac School District, the Kids Kingdom Orphanage in Sonora, Hope Centers International in Costa Rica, the City of Joy in Rwanda, Africa, and others.