Sutton Project

Make a Difference in the Life of a Family Today

With the continued help of the BHHS Legacy Foundation, we are able to provide a meal that would otherwise not be there. Not only do these Thanksgiving meals provide nourishment physically to families, but they also provide great nourishment, to the soul. These food boxes serve as a sign of hope to those in a broken community.
As the NCS community, we are able to partner with Calvario Phoenix to provide within the boxes a CD with the message of the Gospel and an invitation to their church. Calvario Phoenix is a church located in the heart of the Isaac School District and is pastored by NCS parent Greg Johannes. Through this project, both mouths and souls can be fed and lives reached for the Kingdom.

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  • Student Participation

    We ask that you encourage your students to donate in their classes to this project. While the foundation loves to see parent donations, they truly love seeing the students learn how to give. According to Matthew 25:35-40, we are called to feed and clothe the needy. This project is a means by which our student body can come to understand that scriptural principle personally.

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  • Tax Credit

    Thanks to this program, as a state taxpayer, you can help NCS provide holiday food to low income children and families in our community and increase your tax refund. Your 2019 charitable contributions to Legacy Connection means you could receive a Tax Credit of up to $800 for couples filing jointly (up to $400 for single individuals). Contact NCS at email Amber Perona or 602-978-5134 for any questions.

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  • Contact

    Amber Perona
    602-978-5134 or
  • Deadline

    By Wednesday, November 20th in the NCS Office or mail your donation to Legacy Connection by December 31st

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  • Thank you for your continued and sacrificial support

    Your continued support year after year is the reason that this project has been successful in the past and today remains a tremendous aspect of the growth available to students at NCS. You are truly helping students become difference makers in our community and our world.