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  • Employment Opportunities

    Northwest Christian School in Phoenix, Arizona brings to you its first-ever podcast: "Kingdom Culture Conversations" as part of Frameworks, a Biblical worldview initiative launched by the school. Northwest Christian uses God's word to address the issues that are confounding the culture in which our students are living: gender, race, the sanctity of life, sexuality, and more. Within each episode, recognized experts on these issues discuss the ramifications of holding to a Christian worldview during a time of cultural upheaval and work to equip students to understand how to understand and address the issues.

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  • Who is eligible for NCS employment?

    Employment at Northwest Christian School is open to qualified individuals who are Christians of good character, without regard or reference to race, gender, national or ethnic origin, color, age, or disability. Northwest Christian School is a religious educational ministry. As such, we are permitted to hire to our mission and employ those individuals who are the best match for our position openings. All prospective and current employees must agree with Northwest Christian School's Mission Statement, and they must be willing to conduct their lives in conformity with the school's Statement of Faith and the school's declaration and agreement to ethical and moral integrity.
  • What is required for all paid positions?

    All paid positions require a Fingerprint Clearance Card or a clean background check and state-level fingerprint clearance. Full-Time Teaching applicants should possess 2-5 years of teaching experience, a valid Arizona Teaching Certificate, and an Arizona Fingerprint card. Substitute Teacher applicants should possess the skills needed to effectively maintain and manage a classroom. Applicants should also have a valid Arizona Substitute Certificate and Arizona Fingerprint Card.
  • What is required to be on file?

    Please note that we must have a complete application on file. Resumes alone are not considered an application with NCS. Early Education, Extended Care, and Mini-Crusaders positions also require proof of a negative Mantoux skin test for tuberculosis, a notarized criminal history affidavit, and four references.

2021-2022 NCS Positions


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Educational Support

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  • Elementary Educational Assistants

    The Elementary Educational Assistant will assist the classroom teacher in managing the classroom by providing supervision and instruction. This position will work both inside the classroom and outside on the campus. Requirements include an Arizona Fingerprint card, TB test and high school diploma.
  • Preschool Educational Assistants

    The Preschool Educational Assistant will assist the classroom teacher with the organization and supervision of the students both in the classroom and on the playground. Requirements include an Arizona Fingerprint card, TB test and high school diploma.
  • School Nurse - Part Time

    NCS is seeking a registered nurse to provide medical assessment and intervention for students. This position is part time and may work during the summer as needed. This position does receive a partial benefit on NCS student tuition. Experience in an educational setting preferred. Interested applicants should complete the Non-Teaching Application.

NCS Online School

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  • Curriculum Developer

    This position will use instructional design techniques to design and develop online course content including objectives, learning materials, assignments, and assessments in collaboration with subject matter experts. Bachelor’s degree in Education, Instructional Design, or a related discipline required.

    Please submit using the Teacher Application.

Campus Operational Support

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Ongoing Openings

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  • Substitute Preschool Aides

    Our Preschool Aides assist both inside and outside the classroom during the school day. We are in need of individuals who are willing to be on-call in the event a regularly scheduled Teacher's Aide is unable to be at school. Requirements include an Arizona Fingerprint card, TB test and high school diploma. Interested applicants should fill out the Non-Teaching Application and submit the application to Kate Lewis via email, regular mail, or fax.
  • Substitute Teachers

    Qualified Substitute Teachers should possess a current State of Arizona Substitute Certificate, an IVP fingerprint card and experience that would enable them to successfully manage a classroom. Substitute Teachers should fill out the Substitute Teacher Application and submit the application to Kate Lewis via email, regular mail, or fax.