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With a strong history of world-changing alumni, a thriving on-campus culture, demonstrably strong academic outcomes, and a vibrant spiritual atmosphere, Northwest Christian School is the largest private school in the state of Arizona.  In the fall of August 2020, the inimitable Northwest Christian program launched an online school that is now available for K-9th grade students.  In addition to a dynamic digital learning experience, Northwest Christian online students will be able to engage in numerous opportunities available through the on-campus program, NCS Flex. 

NCS Online provides a rigorous, affordable, customizable online education rooted in Biblical worldview and established Christian community and culture.

Program Highlights

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  • Biblically Integrated Curriculum

    NCS Online Curriculum is Biblically integrated and aligns with state standards. It is developed in-house by experienced educators the NCS way. It aligns with NCS On-Ground curriculum.
  • Asynchronous

    NCS Online is an asynchronous program that allows students and families flexibility within their day and week, however, the program offers structure through daily and weekly due dates. Students do not have to log on at any certain time for face-to-face real time zoom meetings, instead they can work through their coursework on their own schedule within the constraints of daily and weekly due dates.
  • Academic Format

    NCS Online utilizes course facilitators to facilitate learning and guide students through curriculum. Facilitators set up weekly content, set due dates, grade assignments, offer feedback, and check-in with students and parents to ensure students are successful in course completion. NCS Online requires learning coaches (at home adults responsible for accountability and support for student learners).
  • Lesson Format

    NCS Online utilizes a variety of instructional components including videos, interactive media, physical textbooks (K-5th) and digital textbooks (6th-9th).
  • Assessment

    NCS Online facilitates assessment through project based learning, writing, proctored traditional tests, and proctored standardized tests. Proctored standardized tests include DIBELS (K-5th), Galileo (K-9th) and PreACT (9th).

NCS Online is Affordable

ESA Covers 100% of Tuition

The Arizona Department of Education administers Arizona's ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Account) program. This program allows parents of qualified students to utilize public monies to purchase education services from private schools - meaning this money can be used to cover the entirety of NCS Online tuition! 

To learn how your student can be an NCS Online student at no cost to you, visit the links below or contact our admissions team,

What Sets NCS Online Apart?

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Additional Information

- NCS Online Family

"We have truly appreciated our time with you. You have been very helpful, accommodating, and kind to our family. (Our Student) loved her experience with NCS online. It was very easy for her to navigate. Communication was extremely convenient and prompt. We truly appreciate all you have done to help (her) so far. It has been a blessing."

- NCS Online Family

"Our learning coach was wonderful.  She was kind, patient, helpful and always readily available to assist with any question or need we had.  She provided me with additional tools and tips to troubleshoot areas where my son was having difficulty.  She made the transition to online learning smooth, checked in with me regularly to see how we were doing and made me feel comfortable to contact her any time I needed."
NCS Online Testimonial - The Alvarez Family