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Foundations of Personal Finance from Dave Ramsey

Moving beyond high school and preparing for financial autonomy can be a scary proposition. There are taxes, insurance, school loans, mortgages, credit, and debt to think about—but Dave Ramsey is here to help! With engaging video lessons and activities, set within the context of a clearly articulated Biblical worldview and a prudent understanding of the scriptural concepts which speak to financial stewardship, the Ramsey team of financial experts does the heavy lifting within this Frameworks course. Additionally, students will learn from Christian leaders from within the domains of business, banking, and finance--all intent in helping them to better understand the basics of personal finance from a Biblical worldview.

Course Availability: 
August 2022
The Frameworks Biblical Worldview Initiative is an extension of Northwest Christian School Online and represents expanded opportunities for high school students to dig deeper and explore further their growing understanding of the truths of God’s word, their meaning within worldview formation, and their relevance in every area of life.