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Christ's Church of the Valley was founded by pastor Dr. Donald Wilson in 1982 with services held in a rented movie theater. Today, led by Pastor Ashley Woolridge, with nearly 35,000 people attending every week, CCV has spread to fifteen different campuses across the city of Phoenix and is expanding throughout the state of Arizona. This is a church that is serious about discipleship and equipping ministry leaders, no matter the church they attend! The CCV Leadership Institute was initially designed for graduate students aspiring to church ministry, to equip these students with the skills and experience they need for maximum impact. Under the direction of Pastor Reggie Rice, through Frameworks, the Leadership Institute is now available for high school students that feel a tug towards ministry, providing them with a combination of role readiness training, practical experience, and career coaching, graduates will be prepared to be leaders in the local church.

Course Availability: August 2022

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Christ's Church of the Valley
The Frameworks Biblical Worldview Initiative is an extension of Northwest Christian School Online and represents expanded opportunities for high school students to dig deeper and explore further their growing understanding of the truths of God’s word, their meaning within worldview formation, and their relevance in every area of life.