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Christ In The Arts

Developed by Northwest Christian School’s Secondary Director of Curriculum and Instruction and rooted within Biblical worldview’s concept that God the Creator has called His people to create, “Christ and the Arts” is an introduction to the art world and all its aspects: the foundation of the Biblical concept of creation and artistic expression, the people who are active in that world, the many categories of work that are created, the inspiration and ideas we receive from those works, and the ways the life of art has transmitted across many times and places. Students enrolled in this Frameworks course will study art history, contemporary art, develop their own theology for artistic expression, and learn the objective basis for assessing subjective art forms.

Course Availability: August 2022

Content Provider: Andrew Coley
The Frameworks Biblical Worldview Initiative is an extension of Northwest Christian School Online and represents expanded opportunities for high school students to dig deeper and explore further their growing understanding of the truths of God’s word, their meaning within worldview formation, and their relevance in every area of life.