Frameworks: Online Biblical Worldview Courses

Creation Science & Biblical Worldview

The illusion of billions of years of time has provided the foundation for Darwinism and Humanism while undermining faith in the pillars of Christianity. In this Frameworks course, acclaimed creationist, author, and speaker Russ Miller takes the key evidence employed to promote the "billions of years" of evolutionary theory and interprets the same facts through a Biblically-solid, scientific view to reveal that God's Word can be wholly trusted. This course covers: the top ten Old-Earth beliefs, the top ten Darwinian beliefs, the top ten “evil fruits” coming from these beliefs, and a solid, scientifically-verifiable foundation upon which students can confidently stand and defend their beliefs. This course is the culmination of over a decade of study and research and will equip young people who intend to study science at a university level or simply understand the truth of creation.

Course Availability: August 2022

Content Provider: Russ Miller
The Frameworks Biblical Worldview Initiative is an extension of Northwest Christian School Online and represents expanded opportunities for high school students to dig deeper and explore further their growing understanding of the truths of God’s word, their meaning within worldview formation, and their relevance in every area of life.