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Christians Might be Crazy

This course will serve as an introduction to apologetics, teaching students how to defend the top seven objections to the Christian faith as determined by extensive quantitative research studies of our current American culture through a phone survey and subsequent focus groups. These seven objections include intolerance, abortion and gay marriage, politics, hypocrisy, exclusivity, inequality, and Scripture. By the end of this course, students should be familiar with the biblical worldview of these seven topics and be able to point to both logical and biblical reasons to defend their beliefs to skeptics and critics. They will also become more effective messengers of the Truth by exposing the motivations and personal experiences of those who reject Christ and Christianity, allowing them to contextualize the Christian worldview. Lastly, they will become familiar with the methods and design of a large quantitative research study, encouraging them to think critically about the sources they use to receive information both in everyday life and in an academic setting.

Course Availability
: August 2022

Content Provider: The Trinity Church
The Frameworks Biblical Worldview Initiative is an extension of Northwest Christian School Online and represents expanded opportunities for high school students to dig deeper and explore further their growing understanding of the truths of God’s word, their meaning within worldview formation, and their relevance in every area of life.