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Expansion of online learning opportunities

In education right now, there is a historic shift that is taking place and it involves the integration of technology–in both on-the-ground classroom settings and in the online education forum. Learn how NCS is navigating this shift in exciting ways!
NCS Plus.  NCS Plus is so much more than an instructional bandage to be used during the pandemic or a tool for absent students though it has allowed for that.  Instead, NCS Plus will flip our classrooms, allowing for meaningful instruction both on-the-ground and online.
NCS Flex.  This will allow for expanding opportunities for our students to enjoy both hybridized online education and blended learning.  Students and families who see the classroom as the primary forum for learning will continue to enjoy that–but we will also allow for new frontiers of flexibility in learning.
Frameworks.  Working closely with Grand Canyon University, we have designed online courses within the GCU learning management system, that are designed for students at Northwest Christian School as well as public high schools, charter schools, and other private schools throughout the country.  Because this program enjoys exemplary accreditation through ACSI and the secular accrediting agency Cognia, these online Biblical worldview courses can be transferred towards credit for graduation on any high school transcript in the country.  
The ministry partners that we are working with as part of this Frameworks program include Grand Canyon University, YoungLife, Summit Ministries, Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse, Dave Ramsey, Stand to Reason apologetics, Creation Evolution Science Ministries, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Likewise Worship, and many others.