High School

Create a Post Grad Binder

    • Buy 3 Ring Binder if you have not done so already, keep somewhere safe in your room that you can easily access.
    • Organize into sections:
      • Deadlines – check each university’s specific admissions deadlines for early decision, early action, and regular decision as well as scholarships. Organize by each individual university name.
      • Volunteering – log hours, time, place, activities.
      • Awards – awards or nominations throughout high school
      • College Contacts – record dates re: all emails sent/received or phone calls with admissions representatives, write down any important info or dates each contact
      • Clear Pocket – (may also use pocket from notebook) collect all flyers, mailers, scholarships, letters from universities.
      • Scholarships – make a list of all scholarships applied for and any dates of contact with scholarship representatives – keep all amounts for all schools received so we may brag on you during senior awards night!
      • Athletics – list all Club and High School leadership positions, awards, team tournament placements.
    • If not attending college – your binder should include potential trade schools, occupations, internships, military recruiters or hiring agency contacts, admissions deadlines, work study programs (and keep me posted so I can help you make workforce connections).